Thursday, June 10, 2010


Zoom! (That was May zooming by.) And now it's June.
But, speaking of May, the big news there is that in mid-May Ian got hurt sailing and ended up needing to have orthopedic surgery on his ankle to repair tendons and tissue that he had ruptured. Ruptured tissue! Wheee!
Surgery, pain pills, ice packs, stitches, gauze, crutches... It's been super fun for him. And, any of you who actually know Ian can imagine how super fun it's been for the rest of us, too. Not that he's been a bad patient. He's been a trooper. But still. An immobile and in-pain Ian is not a happy Ian, understandably. But, healing is underway and he gets rid of the crutches TOMORROW! We are super excited. He'll be in a walking boot, but the external stitches will be out and he'll be able to say, carry a dish to the sink. And that will be nice. Summer will begin to get underway the right way-- a way that doesn't involve surgery.

And, speaking of summer, it's a great time to have birthday parties on the beach that include cupcakes by
yours truly... Which, as it so happens, my friend did just last weekend at Pebble Beach for her adorable youngest daughter, and my sis-in-law/photographer extraordinaire Amie (and I, her ragtag kid-photos assistant) shot it to help capture the day. You can see some of the photos on Amie's pint-sized-edition blog. Also, if you wait a minute and let the top banner load, it will scroll through other kid shoots we've done over the past few years-- including some faces and tutus some of you New Yorkers and New York defectors will recognize.

And, speaking of New York, Ian was just crutching his way around Massachusetts for a few days this week on business and I was so tempted to go with him and high-tail it to NYC. But alas, I remembered that I'm not a wealthy, globetrotting sophisticate who can zoom off to NYC at the drop of a hat. Hate when that happens.

And, speaking of hats, I was tempted to celebrate summer sun by buying a giant sunhat online the other day, but passed in favor of these Anne Klein bad boys that I found on clearance at PiperLime, which, warning, is a slightly addictive site. The heels themselves are pretty and springy-summery fun, and thanks to these heavenly heelz (aka amazing pieces of magic), totally wear-all-day comfy. (Well played, foot petals, well played). And, what sound do I make as I blur by in these sweet summer score shoes? Zoom!


Shauna said...

I am so in love w/that birthday party and the pictures your sister took! And the thought of your cupcakes :)

Sorry about Ian! Not sorry about those shoes you got!

TnD said...

I just looked at your photo blog again and just amazed at the talent of my sister-in-laws. I can't wait to be an official client of yours.

Sarah said...

I love your writing. your the best. I'm now in a happier mood for reading your blog.