Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometimes things like this happen at our house. Things like putting strange apparel and costume items on small weenie dogs for sport.

It's OK; you can judge us.

But remember, it'd be so much worse if they were cats.


Melissa said...

that mustache kills me! and might kill that cute weenie dog as well. i think you should come up with a few captions for these photos...come on.....please?!?!

TnD said...

Miss Lucy. You look adorable. I need to take her home. Why don't you do dog pics too? BTW, I just go home from UT today and got my pics. I loooove them. Each and every one.

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

Laurel -

I would love your address so that we can send you a Christmas Card! Email me at rachelhfisher@gmail.com

Thanks! And I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas!