Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ian is away on business this week. The town he is traveling to? Pewaukee. That's right (pee-wok-key). Probably some ancient Native American name for something significant and sacred and beautiful. But, in my little world, it's just plain funny to say... and to think about as a real place out there in the wild, wild Middle. He told me where he was going and the conversation went like this:
Me: So, where in Wiscaaaansin are you going again?
Ian: Some small town-- it's like Milwakee but it's not... It's um... Pewaukee?
Me: No. No it's not! Get out! Pewaukee? Like... Schmacago? Or Binneapolis?
Ian: Yes, just like that famed midwestern town, Schmacago.
Me: The schmindy city?
Ian: Yes.
Me: Where people eat deep scmish pizza? And the Schmacago Pears play? And the Slubs? And you fly into SchmO'Hare airport. And...
Ian: Stop it.

In other news, I got to help (a tiny bit) with a bird-themed baby shower a few weeks ago and pics are viewable here on Sarah's blog-- she is the mastermind behind the whole aesthetic. Her blog is private though so if you don't have access, below are a few of her photos that she kindly let me lift for display. You can see the cupcakes I made (with the mad frosting skillz of Amie) down there somewhere-- dark chocolate cakes, half with vanilla buttercream and half with peanut butter buttercream. The cute little favor's message unfurled to say "tweet, tweet, it was sweet... of you to come!" The spread was unreal-- juicy tri-tip with Clint's mouth-watering marinade, rosemary potatoes, rolls, salad, pasta salad, watermelon (in January--love it!) all artistically displayed in clear dishes nestled among nests and fresh greenery. So cool! Sarah rocks!


Melissa said...

You crack me up. I wish I could hear all your conversations. Can I implant a little Laurel mic somewhere on me? Then I would finally fit in here in UT - with an implant.

Katie said...

Hellooooooooooo. Here I am, not too far from PEWaukee! In the heart of all the exciting names, like Occonomowak and Waukesha (NOT pronounced like a black girl's name). And from all I hear, the natives say pew, like pyew. Not PEE-waa-kee. deep breath. Actually, I just feel special that somehow our two lives have something in common once again. So next time Ian ventures out to WI, you should go with him and come visit me! In Germantown! Not to be confused with other towns in Germany. Or Wisconsin.